The story of the orphanage

Panti Asuhan Boro
I’ve learned a lot from them. From them I learned to appreciate life God has given me…I am very grateful to everyone, especially my parents. I’m grateful to still given a chance to feel the affection of parents, while those from small to live alone without affection of their parents. Their smiles make me realize that life is beautiful, even though they live a life without parents but they are still able to laugh and look happy. I know how big a longing that is in their hearts because they want to meet with their parents and longing that they feel so deep….
I’ve asked in some children. “Did you miss your parents or your family?”. there is a saying “Yes”, there is also the only silent and lowered his head without being able to say anything, but I know what they feel. they missed their parents but could not do anything.
I also asked one child, Hendy’s Name: “What is your ambition when you grow up?”, He said if he wanted to become a doctor. then I ask why you want to be a doctor? he replied with an innocent face “my mama died of severe pain, so I want to become a doctor so I can heal the sick”. frankly, the answer that makes me very .. very … very touched. he talked a lot about his family on me, he also told me about his Koko in Jakarta and his younger brother who was a child. He also showed photographs of his family and his pictures when he stiLL a child, very funny. He said that he thinks I like her own brother. I’m very happy because before I never had a younger brother, and here I can feel how it feels to have a younger brother, although only a few weeks. though brief, I try to always come visit them in the orphanage. I miss the togetherness that was there and I’ll miss the joy that was there .
for a few weeks we lived in the orphanage. We follow all the activities that were there, cleaning homes, sweeping the floor and the yard, looking for fodder, and cooking. There are many life lessons can we take. we are very grateful to the nursing board because we were well accepted without any deficiency. This experience was incredible and it will be a valuable lesson for our future life.
Panti Asuhan Boro


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